Screen Printing

Over the past few months, David Rosenblum has developed for his workshop a unique process for screen printing on leather, giving him a new approach to working with the material.

The technique allows him to create and apply patterns, logos or images in one or several colours, and a specific varnish to all kinds of leathers. A special kind of ink is applied for each layer of colour, one after another; its particularity is that it gives very precise printing which is not affected by pressure on leather nor its elasticity, does not fade and does not alter the feel of the leather.

This process can be used just as effectively in both fashion and interior decor.

Screen printed leather, neon inks
Sakura motif, by David Rosenblum

Screen printed leatherskins
allovers by Lisa Vanbach

Screen printed leather, for Victoria & Thomas at the «Festival de Hyères»

Screen printed shoes
Fred Marzo